Avalon Providence Iodine Ointment

Avalon Providence Iodine Ointment

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Avalon Providence Iodine Ointment A wide-ranging disinfectant with iodine properties, it is a killer of bacteria, positive and negative bacteria, fungi, viruses and vesicles It also has an effect on microbes that have immunity against antibiotics


Antiseptic for treatment and prevention of infections caused by minor wounds, skin rash, surgery or burns Avalon's Providence-Iodine Ointment is proven to improve treatment and reduce healing time by two to nine weeks compared to untreated wounds Use in case of : Wounds, burns, abrasions, ulcers, skin infections, postsurgical disinfectant
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Additional Information





Directions of use

The affected area is cleaned and dried and a layer of ointment is applied once to twice daily for a maximum of 14 days

Active Ingredients

Povidone-Iodine 10% w/w


It is used in the case of infections caused by minor wounds, rash, surgeries or burns

Skin Type

Fits all skin types