Avalon Stretch Mark Cream

Avalon Stretch Mark Cream

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With Avalon Stretch Mark Cream stretch marks wane and fade over time
Result skin will be more elastic and firm


Stretch Mark Cream: is used for removing stretched skin in areas affected by pregnancy or weight loss Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and an aide to skin regeneration Vitamin E has been shown in clinical studies to reduce scarring and, especially, stretch marks thanks to its regenerative effects on skin With Avalon Stretch Mark Cream with Vitamin E, stretch marks wane and fade over time Avalon Stretch Mark Cream will make your skin more elastic and firm
Additional Information

Additional Information




237FL OZ

Directions of use

Apply cream on the stretch marks and massage the affected area daily

Active Ingredients

Cocoa Butter Vaseline Olive Oil Castor Oil Paraffin Oil Lanolin Collagen Elastin Vitamin E


Used for skin care

Skin Type

Fits all skin types