Avalon Vara Solution Spray

Avalon Vara Solution Spray

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Vara solution of Avalon eliminates lice and eggs from the first use


VARA Solution : a light liquid sprayer containing dimethicone 92% as the main ingredient to get rid of head lice and eggs It eliminates lice during five minutes of use, and eggs are eliminated within eight hours Make sure that the Vara spray has eliminated the lice and its eggs completely and this after using it from 8 to 10 days where the surviving eggs from the treatment at first had hatched at this time If necessary, treatment will be repeated immediately
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Additional Information





Directions of use

Note: Not used for children under two yearsHow to use :1 First, check the hair well by using the special comb for each pack2 - If lice and lice eggs are found in the course of treatment3 Install the pump in the glass case tightly4 - Hold the bottle i

Active Ingredients



Used to get rid of and protect the head from lice

Skin Type

Fits all kinds of hair