Avalon Alpha Plus Cream

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Reduces the appearance of brown skin and unifies skin color throughout the body It also prevents the appearance of signs of aging the skin gives you a fresh skin brighter



The effective, fast & safe skin whitening cream from AVALON Pharma A French formula consists of natural ingredients for effective & fast skin whitening as it it contains two active constituents; Alpha Arbutin in the accurate required concentration for more effective skin whitening than any other skin whitening cream, and Glabridin which has skin lightening and also anti inflammatory effect The synergism between the two active components gives Alpha Plus the ability to produce effective and fast skin whitening action that you can feel from first week
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Directions of use

1- Wash your skin with warm water and then dry it2- Use Avalon Alpha Plus Cream twice daily3- In case you go out in the morning, please use sunscreen to protect your skin4- You Can Use Avalon Alpha Plus Cream effectively & safely for sensitive areas

Active Ingredients

Alpha Arbutin 10% , Glabridin 05%


Used for skin care

Skin Type

Fits all skin types

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