Dexe Hair Color Dye Tong .

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? Wipe On , Wash out , Easy Carry , Fashion Highlight.
? Intense color in seconds
? Change your hair color as quick as your make-up.
? A Safe, Gentle Color pad that wipes on color and washes out instantly.



? Beauty gaga is a wipe on, wipe off color! ? It?s the creation of instant highlights. ? Use to temporarily highlight a few strands, do a ?chunking? effect. ? The most intense colors possible in a temporary hair chalk. ? Vibrant Hair color that easily washes out in one shampoo. ? A finest ingredient so there is never any damage to hair.
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Additional Information





Directions of use

1. Keep your hair shampooed and combed to dry for a good beginning.2. A pair of gloves is better while dying hair. Surely the hair color rub is non-toxic but a little messy. 3. Twist Hair can be dyed more easily. 4. Your hair may look better when colo

Active Ingredients

Hair Colour Dye Tong


Used in the case of covering the roots of white hair.

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