BYPHASSE Micellar make-up remover solution

BYPHASSE Micellar make-up remover solution

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Size: 500 ml

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? A deep cleansing make-up removal that won?t dry out your skin

? 2 in 1: Make-up remover + toning

? A formula adapted for the most sensitive skin


BYPHASSE Micellar Solution is cleansing water composed of micelles (small surface-active particles) that guarantees the gentle removal of make-up from face, eyes, and lips. Thanks to its soap-free formula, with no dyes and no parabens.
Additional Information

Additional Information




500 ml

Directions of use

Apply to face daily with BYPHASSE a cotton pad for gentle make-up removal and cleansing.

Active Ingredients

? Glycerin? Panthenol? Citric Acid? Bisabolol


Used for daily skin care.

Skin Type

It is used for sensitive skin, dry, and in cases of dermatitis, or rosacea cases.