C4Derm Collagen Drink 30 AMP

C4Derm Collagen Drink 30 AMP

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Size: 25 ML * 30 Amp

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C4Derm cleans and removes dead skin cells, which gives you a bright appearance instantly with apricot kernel powder, and gives a sense of smoothness of the skin with moisturizing and nourishing glycerin.
For more wet skin, we recommend that you use body lotion and use sunscreen daily to maintain skin color.


C4 Derm contributes to maintaining skin elasticity and prevents the appearance of Wrinkles on the Facial Skin (Facial Expressions), as it maintains a Youthful Appearance to your Skin. C4 Derm fills the wrinkle lines. C4 Derm helps to get strong and healthy skin because it works to increase the protein in the body and building Healthy Skin. C4 Derm removes most of the effects of wilting, and pallor caused by aging around the lips and eyes area.
Additional Information

Additional Information




25 ML * 30 Amp

Directions of use

Drink one pack 25 ml. From the 4 Derm before one of the meals. Prefer before or after breakfast . shake well before use

Active Ingredients

8,000mg Hydrolyzed Collagen. Vitamin C & Vitamin E & Biotin


Used to keep your skin young

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