Dentek Tongue Cleaner

Dentek Tongue Cleaner

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Scrape away bad breath odors at the source with the DenTek®Tongue Cleaner. - Features three cleaning edges - Low profile and narrow design comfortably reach the back of the tongue so you don’t have to gag to fight bad breath - Fresh mint flavor


Comfort Strip fits the shape of your tongue. Bad breath cases occur from accumulation of bacteria on the tongue. It Removes Odor Producing Tongue Plaque and Improves Oral Hygiene. Breath Remedy Tongue Scraper is the next evolution in breath-freshening technology.
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Additional Information




1 piece

Directions of use

1- Extend your tongue. 2- Place the Tongue Cleaner on the back of your tongue and pull forward, skimming the surface of your tongue. 3- Rinse the Tongue Cleaner with warm water and repeat as necessary. 4- If bad breath persists, consult your dentist. Lik

Active Ingredients

Tongue Cleaner


Used for oral hygiene and daily dental care

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