Gum Classic Toothbrush Soft 411

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• The raised center bristles have been trimmed to form a dome shape that provides greater contact with the tooth surface and reaches under the gum line. When the toothbrush is angled at the widely recommended 45 degrees to the tooth (Bass technique), the bristles can easily reach under the gumline and into the sulcus to clean away dental plaque.
• Dental professionals recommend using a small brush head as it can reach more easily the sides of the upper and lower teeth toward the back of the mouth.



• The GUM® Classic toothbrush is a simple, straight-forward toothbrush. When used twice daily as part of an overall oral hygiene regimen that includes between-teeth cleaning, the GUM® Classic toothbrush will help you take good care of your dental health. The handle is fitted with a synthetic rubber tip stimulator for massaging the gums between the teeth to promote healthy firm gums where the bristles may not always reach.
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1 unit

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Directions of use

Brush twice daily with the GUM® Classic toothbrush to keep your mouth clean and healthy!

Active Ingredients

ToothBrush with rubber tip + head case


Used for oral hygiene and daily dental care

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