GUM® Ortho Expanding Floss (3220 )

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Size: 50 uses

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Ideal for Orthodontic appliances with built in threader. Innovative floss expands during use to gently remove plaque from both tight spaces and wide gaps.



• Premium Floss - Lightly waxed for easy insertion between teeth, expands during use to clean wider gaps and clean more tooth surface. • Exceptionally Gentle -Texturized nylon fibers are gently on gums and are ideal for patients with tooth and/or gingival sensitivity or gingival recession. • Easy to Insert - Even between the tightest contacts. • Built-in threader allows easy insertion of the floss under and around the orthodontic appliances. • Floss expands to adapt to different sizes of interdental spaces for more tooth surface contact.
Additional Information

Additional Information




50 uses

Directions of use

1) Pull floss until green threader is visible. 2) If floss is pulled out past the green threader, rotate the thumb wheel counter clockwise. 3) Cut floss in the middle of the green threader.

Active Ingredients

Built -in-Threader 


Used for oral hygiene and daily dental care

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