Health Aid Baby vit Drops

Health Aid Baby vit Drops

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Babyvit Drops may be of benefit to:
Babies and infants who do not obtain sufficient nutrients from their diet due to poor eating habits
Babies and infants lacking in energy due to poor sleeping patterns and low mood
Babies and infants who have difficulty with swallowing tablets
Babies and infants on medication or those recovering from illness
Babies and infants who need help with mental stimulation, focus and concentration


Babyvit Drops from HealthAid : are specially formulated to provide a wide range of vitamins to help safeguard the infant diet Growing infants need all the help they can get to grow strong and healthy Proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet are vital for their development BabyVit
Additional Information

Additional Information


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Directions of use

Babyvit Drops can be taken on a daily basis for general good health and wellbeing, boosting the immune system, providing energy and strength whilst supporting mental focus and concentration

Active Ingredients

Vitamin A (1000iu) 300


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