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  1. Marnys Royal Provite Vials
    23.000 KD

    ? Enormous source of energy. ? Powerful immune stimulant ? User friendly vials ? Easy dosage ? Appetite stimulant Learn More
  2. Marnys Junior Syrup

    Marnys Junior Syrup

    sku: MAR28027

    7.200 KD

    ? JUNIOR SYRUP forest fruit flavored multivitamin syrup with royal jelly ? Formulated to enhance immunity & provide the daily requirements for growth and development Learn More
  3. Marnys Propolmar  syrup

    Marnys Propolmar syrup

    sku: MAR35444

    6.500 KD

    ? High dose of Propolis ? Immune ? stimulant ? Strengthened by vitamin C and zinc ? Contain Echinacea juice for immunity ? Unique combination ? Sweetened by royal jelly ? Backed up by clinical trials formula ? 30% prophylaxis against infections Learn More
  4. Marnys Propolsaft syrup

    Marnys Propolsaft syrup

    sku: MAR13921

    2.900 KD

    ? The balsamic syrup for wet and dry cough ? Propolis syrup with honey, thyme, menthol and acerola cherry. ? sweetened with honey? ? Suitable for all ages ? No sedative effect Learn More
  5. Marnys Propoltos Spray

    Marnys Propoltos Spray

    sku: MAR28033

    5.400 KD

    MARNYS? PROPOLTOS is a practical alcohol-free mouth spray, derived from Propolis and hedge Mustard extracts (also known as singer's plant). ? Unique device for maximize effect ? For sore throat ? Anti-fungal , anti-bacterial and anti-viral activity ? For inner mouth fungal or viral infections Learn More


    sku: MAR25952

    23.500 KD

    ? Elevate sexual desire ? Support physical performance and sexual endurance ? Enhance Spermatogenesis (enhance sperm quality % mobility) ? Maintain Strong Erection Learn More
  7. Marnys Creamy Honey With Royal jelly
    12.000 KD

    Creamed honey is 100% pure honey and this product facilitates better physical performance and resistance to fatigue.

    Delicious taste.

    Learn More
    21.600 KD

    Diana Fresh Royal Jelly 600mg provides an intensive vitalising boost, promoting youth, energy and overall wellness.

    Learn More
  9. MANUKA HONEY (UMF20+) 250 GM
    39.600 KD

    Haddrell's of Cambridge Manuka Honey contains the unique and active compounds found in genuine and authentic Manuka Honey from New Zealand's native tea tree.

    Learn More
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