HealthAid Haemovit Forte Capsules

HealthAid Haemovit Forte Capsules

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Helps to maintain a strong and healthy blood system
Promotes a good circulatory system
Ideal for those with insufficient iron in their diet
Helps with the formation of healthy red blood cells
A natural energy booster


Haemovit Capsules combines Iron, zinc, B12, B6 and range of important nutrients to provide nutritional support for a healthy blood system It helps maintain healthy red blood cell development and good oxygen circulation in the body Haemovit Capsules are very efficient to avoid heavy blood loss during anaemic condition and menstruation cycle It improves absorption of iron in the body and helps in cell replication and red blood cell formation Haemovit strengthens blood vessels, bones, tendons and may help improve blood circulation Haemovit may help improve hair and skin condition and keep them fertile
Additional Information

Additional Information


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Directions of use

Pregnant women : Take 1 capsule daily or as prescribed by the physician

Active Ingredients

Vitamin B6 3 mg Folic Acid 500 mcg Vitamin B12 6 mcg Iron 47 mg Zinc 4 mg Copper 1 mg Manganese 05 mg


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