Heliabrine Food Supplement Hair and Nails

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The result: marked improvement after the completion of the first treatment course for hair and nails.



Designed specially to help control dietary deficiencies and biological imbalances that affect the hair?s vital constituents. contain the nutritive elements needed for harmonious hair growth as a supplement to one?s daily diet. COMPOSITION : - Cysteine : contributes to keratin synthesis, a vital hair constituent. - Bamboo powder : rich in plant silicon : acts on keratin structure. - Vitamin B3, B5, B6, B8 : stimulate hair growth, increase keratin resistance. - Zinc : protects groups of thiols of sulfur amino acids. Helps cysteine incorporation into proteins. - Borage oil, lecithin and soya oil : provide essential fatty acids which contribute to balance scalp chemistry.
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Additional Information




30 capsules

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Directions of use

-One capsule a day preferably at breakfast.-A continuous 2 month treatment course .-Do not exceed the recommended daily supply.

Active Ingredients

Cysteine Bamboo powderVitamin B3, B5, B6, B8Zinc Borage oil, lecithin and soya oil


Reduces weak hair loss and falling nails.

Skin Type

Suitable for falling hair and weak nails.

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