HERBAL HOME Bitter Melon Mix

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Size: 30*10 g sachets

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● Helps eliminate diabetes
● Helps to renew and stimulate pancreatic cells that secrete insulin
● Helps respond to cell membranes and increase their permeability to cross glucose into cells and power processing
● Increases the activity and immunity of the body cells in general



Bitter Melon Mix is a natural herbal innovation with herbal anti diabetic properties. It is a combination of extracts of naturally occurring tissue cultured herbs. This combination is helpful in controlling diabetic related complications. Bitter Melon Mix repairs the beta cells of Langerhans and perk up sensitivity for insulin in the body cells. This in return helps the body to metabolize glucose in a natural way, similar to the body’s mechanism. As a herbal mixture, the Bitter Melon Mix has shown legendary and wonderful results in controlling blood glucose levels.
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Additional Information




30*10 g sachets

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Directions of use

How to use : ● One sachets of bitter melon syrup daily after half an hour's lunch ● It is recommended for those suffering from a significant increase in blood sugar exceeding 180 mg / 100 ml) ● Take another envelope after dinner for half an hour

Active Ingredients

• Honey • Bitter lemon powder


It is used to strengthen immunity and increase body functions

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