Just For Men Ultra Shampoo-In Haircolor Dark Brown Black H-45

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Instant result in ten minutes Does not contain ammonia



Get more positive attention and replace the gray with subtle tones that match your natural hair color with just for men shampoo The formula is vitamin enriched and rejuvenates hair so it looks and feels thicker This men's hair shampoo color fades away slowly, leaving you with highlights and confidence
Additional Information

Additional Information


Just For Men



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Directions of use

Protect clothes and surfaces with old towels or old shirts After wearing gloves Raise the base of the base color pack Pour all the contents of the base pack into the package and then close the lid Remove the pointed end of the thumb and forefinger Wit

Active Ingredients

| Aqua | P-Phenylenediamine | Ethanolamine | Canola Oil Fatty Acids | Resorcinol | M-Aminophenol | Cetearly Alcohol | Steareth-21 | Oleyl Alcohol | 2-Amino-4 Hydroxyethylaminoanisole Sulfate | Parfum | Petrolatum | Sodium Sulfite | Erythorbic Acid | Cetea


Used to get rid of white hair

Skin Type

For all types of hair

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