Kidz Infant Colic Oral Solution

Kidz Infant Colic Oral Solution

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KIDZ COLIC used in treatment of :- Painful and distended abdomen, spasms, cramps, gas . Violent colic forcing patient to double over, presence of gas whose emission does not relieve the child.


KIDZ COLIC oral solution is recommended to relieve pain associated with infant colic. Infant abdominal colic: pain occurring mostly during or at the end of the meal. Child begins to cry, turns red, folds his legs over his belly and may be flatulent.
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Additional Information




25 ml

Directions of use

In acute conditions, administer 1ml every 15 to 20 minutes for 3 doses and then 2 to 3 times daily as needed. If colic always occurs at the same time, administer 1ml a few minutes before.

Active Ingredients

Veratrum album 5CH Cuprum metallicum Nux vomica 5CH Bryonia dioica 5CH Magnesia phosphorica Chamomilla vulgaris Colocynthis


Used in cases of abdominal pain, bulges, colic and gases

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