Lucovit Cough Throat Spray 20ml

Lucovit Cough Throat Spray 20ml

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Size: 20 ml

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Lucovit ® Cough & Throat Spray is intended for the treatment of sore throat and (Dry) Coughs in adults and Children.


The Spray puts a thin protective layer in the throat, which protects and soothes throat mucosa and reduces the irritation. • For Sore throat and dry Cough; • Antitussive Sore and soothing; • Reduces hoarseness and pain on swallowing; • Quick Relief; • For adults and children from 5 years; • Mild Honey taste; • Class 1 medical device.
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Additional Information




20 ml

Directions of use

• Shake before use. • Turn the nozzle (pointing downward) forward, until it points slightly upwards. • Keep your head titled back and insert the nozzle into the mouth, until the hand holding the vial touches your chin. The nozzle is now facing the right p

Active Ingredients

INDK-203® 2% Acacia Honey


Used for treatment of sore throat and (Dry) Coughs

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