Marnys Chitomar 60 Capsules

Marnys Chitomar 60 Capsules

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Size: 60 capsules

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MARNYS? CHITOMAR is made with Chitosan, a fiber derived from crustacean shells.
Chitosan acts during digestion, which is why it must be taken with food.
Ideal for special occasions: heavy meals, food rich in fat, etc.
Chitosan is not absorbed and has no calorific value
Gelatin Capsules ? easy to swallow
Does not cause diarrhea


Dietary supplement for weight control Absorbs fats taken from food ( grease trap ) Assists in the reduction of weight Improves fat metabolism It creates a feeling of satiety Lowers cholesterol Improve bowel function Disinfects the digestive tract.
Additional Information

Additional Information




60 capsules

Directions of use

Take two to three capsules a day, preferably 30 minutes before fatty meals.Dose can be increased according to fats in each meal.

Active Ingredients

Chitosan L-ascorbic acid ( Vitamin C )


Used to reduce weight.

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