Marnys Ferrobine Liquid Complex

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MARNYS? FERROBINE COMPLEX is a pleasant syrup with a high iron content.
Contains a concentrate of 27 fruits, vegetables and cereals and 12 vitamins.
A daily dose provides 100% of your recommended iron intake.



? Ferrobine Complex is pleasant tasting syrup with high iron content ? 27 fruits, vegetables and cereals, and 12 vitamins ? Once-daily provides 100% of the recommended dose and notable for being soft on sensitive stomachs. ? Iron is a mineral that?s vital to your health. ? Iron has a role in creating energy from nutrients. ? Contributes to the transmission of nerve impulses. ? You should add iron-fortified foods to your baby diet when he is 6 months of age.
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Additional Information





Directions of use

? Children from 5 to 12 years : 5ml a day, before breakfast? Teenagers and adults : 10ml a day, before breakfast? Shake well before use

Active Ingredients

? Vitamin C 30mg? Iron 14mg? Niacin 9mg? Vitamin E 5mg? Pantothenic acid 3mg? Vitamin B6 1mg? Riboflavin 0.8mg? Thiamine 0.7mg? Vitamin A 400?g? Folic acid 100?g? Biotin 75?g? Vitamin D 2.5?g? Vitamin B12 0.5?g


Used for iron deficiency cases in the blood.

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