Marnys L-Carnitine Vials

Marnys L-Carnitine Vials

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Size: 20 vials x 11 ml

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MARNYS? L-Carnitine is presented in the form of practical, drinkable vials which are easy to take. Each vial contains 2000 mg L-carnitine and orange juice.
? Weight loss
? Cardiac Health
? Energetic Power
? Anti-oxidant capacity
? Spermatogenesis
? Orange taste, easy to recap cover


? Motivates burning of fat cells and converts it to energy ? Increase size of the body muscles with exercise and removes fat accumulated around ? Increase production of sperm & enhance morphology and sperm motility ? Improve the quality of ovulation & enhance lipid profile and BMI ? Strengthens the heart muscles and expands the arteries ? Increase focus and comprehension ? Increase the number of red blood cells and prevents breakage
Additional Information

Additional Information




20 vials x 11 ml

Directions of use

? 1 vial per day before breakfast or before physical performance preferably on an empty stomach ( dose can be split 1000 before exercise and 1000 after exercise ) ? Shake well before using. ? Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balan

Active Ingredients

? L-Carnitine tartrate 2000mg ? Orange juice & sweetener


Used to reduce weight.

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