Marnys Protect Junior Vials

Marnys Protect Junior Vials

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Size: 20 vials x 10ml

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? Protect Junior : Royal jelly, Propolis and 12 vitamins
? Keep vitality and healthy energy levels
? Reduce the incidence of recurrent infections in a unique forest fruit flavored formula
? Easy to use Vials


? Support normal growth and meet the child?s daily energy needs ? Help maintain healthy levels of vitality and energy ? Increase resistance to stress and fatigue ? Stimulates the immune system and reduce the risk of recurrent infections ? Provide the recommended daily allowance of vitamins
Additional Information

Additional Information




20 vials x 10ml

Directions of use

? Take one vial before breakfast- SHAKE WELL before use

Active Ingredients

? Purified Propolis 50mg? Royal Jelly 300mg? Vitamin C 60mg? Vitamin B3 18mg? Vitamin E 10mg? Vitamin B5 6mg? Vitamin B6 2mg? Vitamin B2 1.6mg? Vitamin B1 1.4mg? Vitamin A 0.8mg? Folic acid 0.2mg? Biotin 0.15mg? Vitamin D 15 mcg? Vitamin B12


Used to enhance immunity and nutritional supplement for children.

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