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This natural, skin-friendly, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare can be used every day for cuts, grazes, cold sores, spots and pimples, athletes foot, muscular aches, insect bites, itchy scalp, skin irritations and much more.

Known for centuries for its bacterial and caring properties, this pure concentrate of the Australian Tea Tree Oil can be used diluted or added to other skin care products to fight contamination and other skin problems.



The products from Australian Bodycare contain the antiseptic oil Tea Tree Oil, (Melaleuca alternifolia). Tea Tree Oil has throughout the ages been known and used by Australia's aborigines for its fungal and bactericidal effects. Tea Tree Oil has been added to the individual products in different concentrations depending on the product concerned and the body of the product to be used. This means that the skin's natural balance is retained without destroying the natural bacterial flora.
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Additional Information




10 ML

Directions of use

The Tea Tree Oil is applied to the infected skin with cotton swab or cotton swab several times daily as needed. Use only on the skin. Do not use in the eyes, ear or mouth. The Tea Tree Oil is ready for use. Without parabens. Contains 100% Tea Tree Oil. Ke

Active Ingredients

Aqua, Alcohol denat., Melaleuca alternifolia (10%), PEG-40 Hydrogenated castor oil, Polysorbate 60, Camelia sinesis, Ceteareth-25, Triticum vulgare, Silica.


Use directly on affected area for abrasions, Athletes foot, cuts, ingrown hairs, mouth ulcers, nail fungus, pimples, spots.Can also be used diluted: 1 part Tea Tree Oil to 10 parts distilled water or vegetable oil for breath freshener, minor burns, toot

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