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  1. Kidz Appetite & Energy
    6.250 KD

    Kidz Appetite & Energy Used In Trsatment of :- Lack of appetite, growth disorders, tired children and adolescents, fatigue and asthenia. Demineralization, weight loss, physical weakness, lack of vitality Learn More
  2. Kidz Cold & Sinus

    Kidz Cold & Sinus

    sku: 27427

    6.400 KD

    Kidz Cold & Sinus oral solution is recommended for cold and sinus related symptoms: runny nose, nasal congestion, painful sinuses, moderate fever and dry cough. Learn More
  3. Kidz Constipation

    Kidz Constipation

    sku: 32379

    6.650 KD

    Kids constipation oral solution is recommended for the treatment of constipation and associated symptoms: constipation due to dehydrated stools, small and insufficient, with difficult and prolonged evacuation. Sensitive and tender abdomen. Learn More


    sku: 27432

    5.900 KD

    It is recommended to help reduce tearing, sneezing, runny nose, cough, nasal congestion, headache. Its natural composition can be administered to children from 1 year Learn More
  5. Kidz Earache

    Kidz Earache

    sku: 27428

    6.200 KD

    kidz earache used in treatment of :- Fever, inflammation, hyperaesthesia. Pain, redness, Painful swelling behind the ear, very sensitive to touch. . Acute media otitis, intolerance to pain. Learn More
  6. Kidz Infant Colic Oral Solution
    5.950 KD

    KIDZ COLIC used in treatment of :- Painful and distended abdomen, spasms, cramps, gas . Violent colic forcing patient to double over, presence of gas whose emission does not relieve the child. Learn More
  7. Kidz Gastro

    Kidz Gastro

    sku: 27431

    6.250 KD

    Used in the treatment of: - Gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Food poisoning. Abdominal distension Inflammation of the intestine, gastritis, watery diarrhea, profuse Vomiting very violent sudden and urgent diarrhea. Cramping and colic. Learn More
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