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  1. CYDONIA Propolis Vaginal Suppositories .
    8.400 KD

    . CYDONIA Propolis, Aloe Vera and Echinacea vaginal suppositories has anti-inflammatory effectfor vaginal and cervical mucosa Learn More
  2. CYDONIA H&N Teething Gel
    3.950 KD

    • Cydonia H&N Teething gel helps soothe the discomfort and irritability associated with teething in infants. Learn More
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Online Medicine Store

At Pharmazone, we are aware of the limited shelf space in brick-and-mortar pharmacies as well as the urgent requirement of prescribed medications. Therefore, to cater to patients suffering from short and long-term illnesses, we stock in our warehouse, pain-relieving tablets, capsules, drops, inhalers, topical medicines etc, ready for quick delivery. Select from the diverse categories covering Allergy & Asthma, Pregnancy Test, Feminine Care, Analgesics, Cold & Flu, Eyes, Digestive System etc, to scale down your search or sort by brands to come across the medicine you are looking for.

We are just a click away. Order online medicine in Kuwait from us and benefit from best prices, discreet services, complete convenience and 24/7 availability. So be it seasonal flu or a long-term ailment, necessitating instant care, we are here to cater to your online medicine needs right away.