MM Beauty Permanent Hair Phyto Color Dark Blond (M05)

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Enjoy permanent dye and full coverage of 100% white hair
More intense and vibrant hair and wonderful color brings back youth
It has a nice composition on the hair because it contains plant extract



Hair dye of MM Beauty coloring : gives you a thick and homogeneous color along the hair and a distinct coverage and lasting and 100% white hair The soft and soft texture of the dye makes it easy to use without being softened Provides maximum protection of hair during the dye process The group of plant extracts, such as burdock, birch, babbang, chrysanthemum and special balms, regenerates hair structure, improves hair structure, gives proper nourishment and provides moisture
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Additional Information


MM Beauty



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Directions of use

1-Preparation: Puts on gloves Pour the whole content of the tube 1 in a suitable non-metallic container Pour the whole content of the two bags with developer 2 in the container Stir well till uniform mixture is obtained 2-Colouring: Wet the color

Active Ingredients

H2O2 , Resorcinol , Phenylenediamines and Amonia


Used to cover white hair and get a more brilliant look

Skin Type

Fit all kinds of hair

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