Norditalia Blood Pressure Monitoring - BP-1400 (Arm)

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Automatic blood pressure monitor
Very accurate
Easy to use measuring pressure with the click of a button
Large screen with touch button technology that prevents fluid and dirt entering
Contains memory with date, time and average of the last three measurements
You can store more than 180 reads for the same person or 90 for two users
It shows the irregularity of the pulse and blood pressure and shows you the suggested values



Norditalia device for measuring blood pressure in the arm with LCD screen showing the reading of systolic and diastolic blood pressure Helps you measure quickly, easily and accurately It features a large, easy-to-read digital display, warning of potential health problems with a heart rate measurement, and a belt that is easy to attach to the arm Limited number of buttons with touch technology for ease of use Large memory capacity up to 180 readings, with the possibility of analyzing the average measured values ??in the morning, in the afternoon and the average of the last three measurements and all stored values Provide a detailed patient information report Indication of heartbeat, heartbeat and blood pressure Italian industry complies with WHO standards
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Directions of use

Before taking blood pressure: A) Look for a quiet place B) Remove the sleeves from your left arm or remove any tight clothing sleeves, if necessary C) Rest on a chair next to the table for five to 10 minutes (The left arm should be comfortably at the hear

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To accurately measure blood pressure and to know the heart rate

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