Pigeon Compact Steam Sterlizer 17450

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New born babies are more prone to infections due to their low immunity power and need special care for that reason. Keeping the environment clean to protect the health of the baby and maintaining hygiene is essential during the initial birth years. Plain water might be sparkling clean but contains innumerable bacteria and viruses. Sterilisation of the water and the products used for the newborn is thus extremely important to protect the health of your little darling.

In order to keep the water free from bacteria and viruses we need to sterilise the bottle in which it is stored. Sterilisation takes out the harmful elements through boiling and can make sure that the water is clean and safe. The feeding bottles and its accessories need to be cleaned before use every time to protect your baby from the harmful bacteria. Instead of boiling them all, you can use this electric steam steriliser which has been brought to you by Pigeon.



This Electric Steam Sterilizer machine from Pigeon can be of great help as with this, you can keep the feeding bottles and its nipples free from bacteria. The Steam Sterilizer is compact and holds two bottles along with their other accessories at the same time. The usage is simple and hassle free. The machine can be easily dismantled as well for cleaning purposes. It is automatic and switches itself off when the sterilisation is complete. It comes along with rotating side locks for your convenience. You would not need to worry about the melting of plastic bottles and nipples due to over-boiling anymore. The sterilisation process takes a quick 10 to 12 minutes. Coming in a tough and hardy body, this durable Electric Steam Sterilizer can also help you to remove the stains from the bottles easily. The compact and sleek design makes it an easy fit in your kitchen d
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1- place the bottles into the bottle container upside down 2- place accessories into the accessory holder and close with the cover. 3- Use the measuring cup to measure 30 ml of fresh water. 4- Pour the water into the base heater 5- Press the power

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