Revitol+ Bump Control Liquid .

Revitol+ Bump Control Liquid .

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Size: 120 ML

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? Heals and Prevents razor bumps & burns.
? Anti-inflammatory
? Anti-microbial
? Moisturizer


? Has an anti-inflammatory effect to prevents irritations caused by razor bumps ? Used after waxing to reduces redness results ? Applying after electrolysis will quench the burning and eliminate the redness ? It works for men who have redness after shaving their faces ? Promotes a healthy and beautiful skin surface ? Suitable for bikini lines & under arms
Additional Information

Additional Information




120 ML

Directions of use

? For Shaving: rinse shaved area with warm water, removing soap and debris. Apply a thin layer over the shaved area and leave to air dry. For severe cases; apply Bump Control Liquid 8 hours before shaving then again directly after shaving.? For Waxing:

Active Ingredients

?Alcohol Denat 14%?Acetyl Salicylic Acid 10%?Bisabolol?Aloe Vera Extract?Chamomile Extract?Panthenol


Used to keep the skin clean and clean

Skin Type

For all skin types