Revitol+ Whitening Sunscreen Cream SPF100

Revitol+ Whitening Sunscreen Cream SPF100

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Size: 500 ML

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Revitol+ Whitening Sunscreen Cream : Broad spectrum UVA/UVB Protection, SPF 50.
Oil-free Non-greasy lotion absorb quickly by the skin.


Protect your skin with while perfecting it with Glutathione Whitening Sunblock Cream. With no less than SPF100 it also works to lighten, soften, moisturize and decrease the visibility of skin pigmentation like age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone.
Additional Information

Additional Information




500 ML

Directions of use

? Apply generously and evenly to all areas 15 minutes before sun exposure.? Reapply frequent or after towel drying , swimming, or perspiring.

Active Ingredients

?Titanium Dioxide ? Aluminum Hydroxide ? Glutathione ? Vitamin E


Used to protect the skin of children from harmful sun rays.

Skin Type

For all skin types