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For men and women suffering from a lack of capillary density, including the scalp is visible or sparse
Daily Treatment : 1 single dose in the morning or evening on wet or dry hair.
With massaging applicator.
For 3 months for optimum efficiency.



Exclusive hair treatment that induces the birth of new hair, increasing the amount of hair fibers and density of the hair. It stimulates inactive roots of the hair to regenerate a new capillary fiber. With 5% Stemoxydine, which stimulates the stem cells of the hair fibers that are dormant, activating the hair bulbs of their phase of inactivity and promoting the regeneration of a new hair. The hair thus takes greater capillary density. The life cycle of a hair has 3 phases: 1) a growth phase (anagen) that lasts 2 to 6 years; 2) a transition phase (catagen) of a few weeks, where the hair is released from the root and moves towards the surface of the scalp; 3) a resting phase (telogen) that lasts 3 to 4 months and is when hair falls Between cycles the root of the hair can enter a phase of inactivity and not generate a new hair, leaving the hair bulb empty. Vichy Dercos Neogenic stemoxydine is a signal for the hair bulb to wake up and regenerate new hair. No parabens and hypoallergenic, which can be used even on sensitive scalp. Lotion of easy application, thanks to the micromassage applicator that is included in the box with the single dose. The ergonomic design and its application according to the instructions, favors the microcirculation in the scalp and helps the correct nutrition of the hair. With a pleasant fragance for both men and women. When applied the sensation is fresh and after a few seconds it leaves no greasy residue on the hair.
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Directions of use

Apply a single dose bottle a day on the scalp, either in the morning or at night, with dry or wet hair. Maintain the treatment for 3 months to have an optimum efficiency of the product. 1)Place the single dose canister inside the applicator vertically an

Active Ingredients

Alcohol denat., aqua / water, diethyllutidinate, citric acid, safflower glucoside, parfum / fragrance


For men and women suffering from a lack of capillary density, including the scalp is visible or sparse

Skin Type

For Damaged Hair and scalp is visible



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