Waterpik Complete Care Machine

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Size: Water Flosser + Sonic Toothbrush

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Now all of your brushing and flossing needs can be accomplished with one convenient device that saves counter space and power outlets. So don't just brush, go complete. The easy and more effective alternative.



Effective Plaque Removal: Removes Up To 99.9% Of Plaque From Treated Areas Healthier Gums: Clinically Proven Up To 50% More Effective For Improving Gum Health Vs. String Floss Ideal For Implants: Clinically Proven Up To 2X As Effective For Improving Gum Health Around Implants Vs. String Floss Using The Orthodontic Tip Essential For Braces: Clinically Proven Up To 3X As Effective For Removing Plaque Around Braces Vs. String Floss Using The Orthodontic Tip
Additional Information

Additional Information




Water Flosser + Sonic Toothbrush

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Directions of use

Used as a method of using the usual brush and dentists recommend to wash teeth twice a day for at least two minutes.

Active Ingredients

Water Flosser + Sonic Toothbrush


Used for oral hygiene and daily dental care

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